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GNOME 3.37.90: Released as a beta version of GNOME 3.38.0

GNOME 3.37.90: released as a beta version of GNOME 3.38.0

Today, GNOME is one of the most well-known desktops used by many operating systems based on Linux, such as Ubuntu, the Fedora and Pop! _OS. On March 11, 2020, the latest firmware version of the software, known as GNOME 3.36 "Gresik" was released.

Recently, the software development team also announced version 3.37.90, which is essentially the beta version of GNOME 3.38.0. According to the development team, version 3.38.0 will be the next firmware release.

What changes does the 3.38 Beta version contain?

Of course, this version contains many improvements and updates to some of the basic GNOME packages. In addition, 3.38 contains a lot bug fixes for some of the applications. For example, gsettings-desktop-schemas 3.37.2 now comes with active USB security. Also, Gnome-Calendar 3.36.2 does not display calendar events in the alert list.

Additionally, version 3.37.90 contains the following enhancements:

  • It does not install updates if the device battery is low.
  • New "Boot options ”menu, which appears when the system restarts.
  • The option to restart is now in a separate menu.

Another important change in the new version is the improved Epiphany web browser, which now allows self-hosted sync servers, as well as automatically saves all your data, within the password manager. In addition, working with GNOME maps has been greatly improved, allowing users to use the keyboard even more efficiently.

How to install GNOME 3.38:

If you want to use it version 3.38 before the release of the fixed version, you can download GNOME 3.37.90 from here., where you will find the beta version as a file for virtual machines.

Alternatively, if you wish to Compile the environment, you can download some of the latest snapshots or source software package.

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