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Google: Secret 6GHz network experiments in 17 states

Google is "secretly" experimenting with one network 6GHz in 17 states, according to archives of FCC identified by Business Insider. But it is not clear what exactly Google is trying to test.

google 6ghz
Google: Secret 6GHz network experiments in 17 states

According to the information, Google wants to experiment with 6GHz frequencies for "production of technical information on the utility of these frequencies to provide reliable broadband connections». The company also states that it expects the experiments to take place within 24 months and requested permission to carry out the tests into a 26 cities and towns in 17 states.

The list of cities includes Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska, Nevada, New York, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Oregon, Texas, Utah, and Virginia.

Of course, the files do not provide much data, and there are many possibilities for what Google can pursue with 6GHz frequencies. The expression "providing reliable broadband connectionsCould indicate that the company wants to experiment with some kind service Internet.

But surely Google could have other uses for the 6GHz band. The FCC just recently approved a piece of unauthorized 6GHz bandwidth and many things could benefit from it. The Wi-Fi router 6E may work on 6GHz, as well as communication between vehicles, and the latest network specifications 5G suggest that unauthorized 6GHz frequencies could even be used for 5G mobile networks. However, Google will not limit itself to existing ideas, which is why it is called "unauthorized».

Google: Secret 6GHz network experiments in 17 states

What you need to know about 6GHz is that it is designed to allow faster and more reliable connections, while it can support more bandwidth than connections. 2,4GHz or 5GHz which you may already know, and there could be fewer wireless interference between devices. But just as 5GHz Wi-Fi offers less bandwidth than 2,4GHz Wi-Fi, 6GHz networks are likely to have even less bandwidth.

The files may not say exactly what Google plans to do, but they say it hopes to use 6GHz for some sort of "secret valuable commercial planAnd we are very curious to see what it can be.


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