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How do you turn large Twitter threads into readable posts?

If you are a regular user Twitter, you may have come across large Twitter threads that help the message exceed the 280 character limit. These threads are often used to share a complete story or provide supporting information. However if you want to follow or share a large thread to make it more readable, there are many bots and tools out there they can afford it.

Twitter Threads

Below you will see how you can use the application myThreadReader as a Twitter threads reader. There are two ways to use it:

Unroll the Twitter thread on myThreadReader

1. Open the Twitter thread you want to unwrap and copy the link. If you are using the application, you can do this by pressing the button Common use and selecting it Copy link in Tweet.

2. If you use Twitter in its browser desktop or your phone, just copy the address URL from the address bar of the browser.

3. Now go to myThreadReader.com and find the box at the top with the button Read Thread. Paste your thread link and click on Read thread.

4. Your long Twitter thread will instantly unfold into a readable blog post.

5. You can share this thread with your friends and family directly by copying the URL from the address bar or clicking Tweet this Thread bottom.

How to use Twitter Thread Reader Bot @myThreadReader

1. If you do not want to do the simple copy-paste process, you can simply reply to the long thread with @mythreadreader.

2. This way, the bot will tweet a link to a readable post with all the content in one place.

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