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Save your Instagram photos to your mobile and PC!

If you are afraid of losing your Instagram photos, or if you want to keep your staff file, follow the steps.

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Save your Instagram photos to your mobile and PC!

Mobile storage

Due to confidentiality The Instagram app only allows you to download your own pictures. However, in the method storage from desktop browser described below, you will see how to bypass it.

Instagram makes it easy for you to save photos you've filmed, filtered, and edited in your phone's photo library application.

Open the Instagram app and go to Profile you.

Then tap the Menu icon of the three horizontal bars in the upper right corner screen you.

Once the menu appears as a pop-up, go to "Settings", it is the first option at the top of the list. Then press «Account»And then tap the" Original Photos "option that will appear if you are using a device iOS. Android users will see the "Initial Posts" option.

The Instagram app also gives you the option to automatically save all your pictures by activating the "Save original photos" option.

Save via desktop browser

To download any of the photos on Instagram, open it picture of your choice in a new tab program browsing. Then go to the image and right-click with the mouse or any other connected device at your disposal. When you click, a pop-up menu will appear and select "View Page Source".

Save Instagram photos to your mobile and PC

This will automatically bring the page source code to a separate browser tab. Scroll down the code, or use your browser's "Find" tool until you see the first ".jpg" link on this page.

Save your Instagram photos to your mobile and PC!

Copy only the text of the URL that appears between the two dialogs or quotes. Then paste the URL into another new browser tab. Once the image is uploaded, you can right-click it to download it to your computer just like you would a normal photo on the web.