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Improve your work with a productivity app!

Find the productivity app that suits you and stay focused on work without feeling that you are working.

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Perform more at your job with a productivity app!

Η increase Productivity is achieved in a different way for everyone. Maybe you see the tasks you have to perform as "mountain" and you want a way to categorize. Maybe you want one list obligations better than one Document Google. You may want to break down tasks into smaller, more manageable goals: a method that will make the big project to look less scary and can also keep you away from distractions. You may want to reduce the amount of time you spend on social media during the work day and increase the amount of time you spend at work. For all this, the best solution is a productivity app, and it will definitely cover one of the following.


Todoist is the top app of all listings apps «To Do», With many features to experiment with through premium issue, which comes to $ 4 per month if you pay monthly, and $ 3 per month if you pay annually.


Stayfocusd is one It's free productivity app and is ideal for those who are addicted to social media. It will help you not to distract her caution and focus on your tasks.


A time management application that will keep you away from your mobile, giving you an incentive: to grow the virtual trees you have planted you should not grab your mobile. Forest is available for free on Android devices and costs $ 1,99 at App Store of Apple.

Perform more at your job with a productivity app!


RescueTime can give you information about how you really spend your working time to make the changes you deem necessary. This productivity app is also available with the option of a premium version with $ 78 per year.

Microsoft OneNote

The Microsoft application could not be missing from this list, as it is the perfect tool for those looking for an application that will help them organize their thoughts digitally. There is also the free version of the application, but for more features the cost is $ 6,99 per month.


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