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Relax with these short horror and sci-fi movies!

You dream of others πλανήτες, other realities or other schedules? If you wish you could travel somewhere else you should check out these short horror and science fiction movies.


Relax with these short horror and sci-fi movies!

Η story by John Panton who has an unusual series of encounters, while looking for some pillars of triangulation in the British countryside, Triangulation is much more sci-fi than other horror movies. The short film shows Panton's childhood obsession with pillars, and combines it with science fiction: cool children from the future, incompetent adults and scary AI.

The Slows

Relax with these short horror and sci-fi movies!

Written and directed by Nicole Perlman and based on a story by Gail Hareven, The Slows imagines that the human race has been saved from its brink extinction, eliminating biological reproduction. Instead, almost every new life is created in a laboratory and then accelerated rapidly into adulthood. Everyone is born into this system and they support it, but an ambitious journalist is curious enough to sneak into the "conservation", an isolated piece of wildlife where a small community of people still lives in the old traditional ways.

Lab Rat

Relax with these short horror and sci-fi movies!

His sci-fi channel YouTube, Dust, recently made his film debut with Nour Wazzi. Lab Rat takes place in the future when AI technology has advanced to its authenticity levels Android Westworld and Blade Runner. The story follows an intense one experiment in which colleagues in a robotics lab are locked together and forced to determine which of them is really human and which is not.

At 14 minutes, there is not enough time for the audience to form their own guesses about who the fake is, but Lab Rat is one of those movies that combines fear with stress.

Spice Frontier

Relax with these short horror and sci-fi movies!

This science fiction animated adventure by Steamroller Studios's Jalil Sadool and Adam Meyer features the nude spaceman Kentucky Williams and the tough female robot C-LA, crossing it galaxy looking for valuable spices that have been saved after the destruction of the Earth, as Kent is a cook and is willing to do anything to find them.


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