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Windows applications you need to delete for a better experience!

Some Windows applications are necessary for one to work properly computer, while others often cause problems. These are applications that may burden your computer, causing it to run slower. So we have found some of them, and deleting them will give you the feeling that you have a new computer.

windows applications
Windows applications you need to delete for a better experience!


Now the Java has lagged behind, and new Windows 10 applications have overtaken it. In fact, it is famous for its problems security which may present and does not install updates as newer applications do.

Removing Java will not cause you any problems unless you are running programs As the LibreOffice or the Apache OpenOffice, or if you are a programmer using specialized software that requires it. If none of these uses apply to you, consider uninstalling.

Microsoft Silverlight

Like Java, Microsoft Silverlight, released in 2007, was previously used in Windows to run web applications. It has never gained as much popularity as Java or o Adobe Flash, but has been used by Netflix For some time. Also, like Java, it is no longer required because modern browsers use HTML5, which includes this functionality.


The CCleaner is one of the applications that run Windows maintenance utilities, and may once have been trusted, but its reputation has dropped. In addition, the program was infected with malicious software and immediately infected the systems on which it was installed before the infection.


Like CCleaner, uTorrent was once a reliable tool, but in recent years it has run into problems. Displays a lot of ads and offers for unwanted extensions. If you still need a torrent client, try qBittorrent.

Windows applications you need to delete for a better experience!


Another of the unnecessary applications that has been installed on Windows by its manufacturer. Often, these programs are offered for a limited time trial and try to get you to buy them after the trial period ends. Security software such as McAfee and Norton are good examples. Some manufacturers also include their own software, such as maintenance applications. Often you can simply uninstall these programs while other times, they are required for the system to function properly. You should do some research on your computer before uninstalling it, but if you do not need it you will see a big difference in the performance of your computer.

This list is not exhaustive, but if you delete the applications listed here, you will get off to a good start and enjoy your machine.


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