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Remote Work means more hours and meetings

The mass turn to remote work since the pandemic brought several upheavals: more flexibility, no routes, comfortable clothes.

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Remote Work means more hours and meetings

But those who think that this great experiment of working from home also comes with many disadvantages, such as longer days, more meetings and more e-mail for answer, now supported by data 3,1 million employees.

The average working day increased by 48,5 minutes in the weeks following the announcement of the quarantine and the number of meetings increased by 13% in remote work, according to research published Monday by the National Bureau of Economic Research.

The study, which looked at anonymous email and login data of more than three million users through an anonymous technology provider, also found significant increases in internal email and meeting sizes.

Those who have experienced remote work will not be surprised. THE Jeffrey Polzer, his teacher Harvard Business School and one of the authors of the research, stated: "what our study adds is the documentation on an overall standard scale. "

The research looked at data from more than 21.000 companies and in 16 major regions around the world during the eight weeks before and after quarantine, and represents only employees using the technology provider's product. And while they are many, the data represent only a fraction of the workforce.

«People are afraid, it is the fear of work and the economy. I want to make sure managers know that I am constantly responding to emails and I am always on Slack, " she said Cali Williams Yost, founding member of the workplace advisory team Flex Strategy Group. "This is exacerbated by a lack of management skills in setting the right tone for remote work,» he said.

"It's a toxic mixture of burnout and crashing."

For many employees, a bright spot in the survey results is that the total time scheduled for meetings was lower. Decreased by 11,5%, or almost 20 minutes a day, according to the data, and the average duration of the meeting was planned to be shorter. The number of emails over time returned to their pre-quarantine activity.

There were also some differences between the employees in America and Europe. In many European cities, for example, the reduction in the duration of scheduled meetings was sharp, while in the cities of USA was relatively small. And while working day hours in remote work remained high in some cities, including New York, returned to regular time in other cities during the quarantine period.

Remote Work means more hours and meetings

Having a longer working time does not necessarily mean that people worked longer hours during this day.  

«As we try to manage our work from the home environment, it is very difficult to avoid work. This has always been true, since our phones followed at home, but this phenomenon has grown. "

Polzer said the researchers did not analyze data by gender to see if men or women worked longer. In the months since the pandemic began, many worried that women would make the most of their careers.

«Organizations are trying to figure out what is possible to manage this type of work," he said. «People will start burning with remote work if we do not think again about how they spend their time.»