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NSA: Warns about the dangers of location services

Ο National Security Agency of USA, NSA, warns of services location of mobiles and their risks for the national safety and defense.

NSA: Warns about the dangers of location services

The new guide that has been released in PDF, entitled "Restrict location data exposure", States that the smartphone, The tablet and devices monitoring fitness "store and share device geolocation data. "

«The data location are extremely valuable and must be protected. They can reveal details about the number of users in a site, user movements, their daily habits, and may expose unknown correlations between users and sites", Says the NSA.

This is not good at all for spies and armed forces personnel.

The guide also states that it is impossible to stop recording and reporting location data on mobile devices, in part because network operators are constantly collecting such data.

The NSA also stressed that "location data from a mobile device can be downloaded even without the cooperation of the provider. These devices transmit identification information during connection in mobile networks. The commercially available suspicious station databases allow anyone in the area to obtain instant location data and locate their targets.»

Although the NSA acknowledges that most devices offer settings to reduce location tracking, the guide states that "Restriction measures reduce, but do not eliminate, the risks of location on mobile devices. "Most users rely on features that are disabled by such measures, making such safeguards impossible."

However, the NSA proposes many restrictive measures, such as turning off the radio when not in use, using a VPN, and turning off features such as "Finding of my phone».

NSA: Warns about the dangers of location services

Users are also invited to «disable advertising rights as much as possible»Restricting ad crawling and resetting the ad ID for the device, at least every week.

«Although it is not always possible to completely avoid reporting location information, it is possible to reduce the amount of location data reported. Awareness of the ways in which this information is available is the first step", Says the NSA.


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