HomesecurityCyble: warns of 199 data breaches

Cyble: warns of 199 data breaches

Carrying out its standard research on Dark web and deep web, Cyble located 199 data breaches on various websites and companies. As a result of these data breaches, 4,1 million user accounts are in the potential risk. The company's investigators are constantly monitoring data breaches and helping users secure their accounts and data. Recently, Cyble reported several major data leaks involving approximately 24 GB of customer data. Squareyards, Sumo Payroll and Stashfin, Dussmann Group and Planer Dutilleul.


After discovering 199 data breaches, Cyble investigators immediately acquired and indexed the leaks on the data breach monitoring and reporting platform. Those who are worried that data exposed to them, may subscribe to platform to check it.

Retail users can find out if they have been exposed through the dark web tracking search engine, which holds over 40 billion dark web site files, while corporate customers can assess the risks in cyberspace by third parties, employees and associates.

Cyble reports these data breaches to report them users on the dangers of the internet and its use online courses services.

To prevent data leakage, the following steps are recommended:

  • Never share personal information, including financial information over the phone, e-mail or SMS.
  • Use strong passwords and apply multi-factor authentication where possible.
  • Monitor your financial transactions regularly and if you notice any suspicious movements, contact your bank immediately.
  • Enable automatic software updates on your PC, mobile device, and other connected devices where possible.
  • Use a reliable antivirus software package on your connected devices, including PC, Laptop, etc.

People who are worried about being exposed to the dark web can sign up at to confirm if their information has been leaked.

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