Homesecurity2gether: Hacking attack on cryptocurrency trading platform

2gether: Hacking attack on cryptocurrency trading platform

2gether revealed that it was hacked, during which about 1,2 million Euros were stolen in cryptobodies from investment accounts to cryptocurrencies. 2gether was founded in 2017 and offers a cryptocurrency trading platform within the Eurozone for buying and selling at no extra charge. The inherent currency of the organization is 2GT token, which is to be (or at least was to be) issued in 2020 after a pre-sale in Spain. However, on July 31 at 6.00:XNUMX p.m. CEST, the cryptocurrency trading platform has been hacked servers of. Unknown threat agents behind the 2gether attack stole € 1.183 million in cryptocurrencies from investors accounts, an amount corresponding to 26,79% of the total funds.

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2together CEO Ramón Ferraz Estrada said in a statement to Twitter that the general wallets and accounts in Euro were not affected, while the financial data of the credit cards were not used for the deposit of money. However, during the hacking attack the passwords users and so users are advised to change their passwords.


2together did not disclose exactly how the incident happened security, but research is being conducted to find out how cybercriminals managed to gain access to its servers, while more information is sought to determine the exact extent of the damage caused. The cryptocurrency trading platform also noted that information is being collected to be given to the authorities.

In a statement issued on August 1, Ferraz, President Salvador Casquero and CEO Luis Estrada said that the company's extremely difficult situation has led to great uncertainty, while characterizing those responsible hackers as "inanimate persons". In addition, executives said that after the hacking attack, the platform did not have enough money to cover all its bases and so an emergency discussion took place with an investment company, in an attempt to secure a cash contribution. However, the discussion did not reach an agreement. Therefore, the only solution is for 2gether to offer users the equivalent of their stolen cryptocurrencies in the native 2GT token.

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In addition, 2gether executives said they are committed to continuing to seek additional funds to cover each of its users' cryptocurrencies. platform. They also said that if other funds could be used, they would do so, but for now, the technical team is working to restore application to be accessible again as soon as possible and with all available meters security.

A Reddit Ask Me Anything (AMA) will be held in the coming days, in which executives will answer questions from investors.


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