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Telegram v. Apple over EU antitrust law

One of the most popular instant messaging applications, Telegram has filed a complaint against Appleallegedly violates EU antitrust law. According to its complaint to the European Union Commission, Telegram argues that Apple should allow users iOS to download the application from external sources. Until now, iOS users can download it application exclusively through App Store.


The antitrust lawsuit filed by Telegram against Apple further alleges that the messaging company stopped the release of a gaming platform on the App Store because it allegedly violated the rules of the Apple App Store. reported the Financial Times. The creators of Telegram stopped the whole project as they feared that the application would be "deleted from the ppApp Store".

The company's move follows a post by Telegram founder Pavel Durov, who spoke out against Apple. The post describes a list of seven myths that Apple uses to justify the 30% commission it receives from the app to host it in the App Store.

This is not the first time a company has filed a lawsuit against Apple for antitrust lawsuits. Previously, Rakuten and Spotify had also complained to the EU about App Store policies.

Apple is already under EU scrutiny after the Commission called for a standard charging port in all Appliances of the market. Apple responded to the EU statement by saying it was trying to put obstacles in the way of innovation. However, the EU is ready to adopt a regulation that will force manufacturers smartphone have a standard charging port by the third quarter of 2020.


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