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Amazon: Project Kuiper satellites approved

Η FCC unanimously approved the Project kuiper of Amazon, giving the company the green light for development and operation of a formation 3.236 satellites.

Amazon: Project Kuiper satellites approved

Amazon has asked the FCC for permission to launch thousands of satellites Low Earth Orbit (low orbit) in July 2019, a few months after the announcement of the project. As with the formation Starlink of SpaceX, Kuiper aims to provide satellite broadband services, while Amazon hopes to help expand access online in households and businesses in remote areas in all United States and throughout him people.

The company plans to invest more than $ 10 billion in the project, which will be developed in five phases. According to the FCC, Amazon must complete the development of half of Kuiper's satellites by 2026 and the entire formation must be operational by July 30th 2029.

Ο Rajeev Badyal, Vice president Τεχνολογίας of Project Kuiper, said in a statement:

«We make incredible inventions to provide fast, reliable broadband at a reasonable price for our customers. Broadband systems based on LEO, such as Project Kuiper, present huge challenges and we have assembled a team of world-class engineers and scientists committed to realizing our vision for Project Kuiper and maintaining a safe, sustainable environment for all. Combined with Amazon's deep expertise in networking and infrastructure, but also its ability to fund such a huge business, I am optimistic about the impact that Project Kuiper can have on these inadequately or non-service communities.. "

Amazon Kuiper
Amazon: Project Kuiper satellites approved

In its approval document, the FCC also approached the company's plans to prevent the formation from contributing to the growing problem of Low Earth Orbit space debris. Amazon says it will remove Kuiper satellites within 355 days of shipment instead of the 25-year standard set by NASA. It also promises to comply with NASA guidelines for remaining debris.


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