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Free Google One backup feature

Google One Phone Backup Service, is going to be released free for all countries where it is available, the company said. Initially the service will be released for devices Android and later will be released for iOS.

Google One

In addition, as informed by XDA Developers, the Google will also develop a store management tool that will free up storage space and manage files. The new tool will allow users to find and remove emails with large attachments stored in Google Drive.

Users who are registered with Google One have already got a taste of the automatic backup service since September 2019. The latest update of the application will allow users to save their contacts, calendar events, photos and videos via Google.

It certainly sounds like a very good offer from Google, but there is a "trap". Every Google user gets 15 GB for free, but the phone's backup data will be counted in its free storage. Another option is to opt for a Google One program.

Google One lets you share an account with five different people. So in case you can not use the 100 GB storage space yourself, you can share your account with your family members. The 100 GB storage subscription plan is available for $ 1,99. Subscription packages are also accompanied by the benefits of its rewards Google Store and Google Play Credits.

Google is also expected to offer premium editing capabilities in Google Photos to new subscriptions. However, the premium editing capability has not been confirmed by the company.


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