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Jeff Bezos: He does not deny that Amazon used sales data

Jeff Bezos admitted at the hearing that he could not guarantee that Amazon has not used the data third party vendors for the benefit of the company.

Jeff Bezos: He does not deny that Amazon used sales data

On Wednesday, Jeff Bezos with her boss Apple, Tim CookIn Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook and Sundar Pichai of Google, were questioned by members of the Parliamentary Justice Subcommittee on antitrust legislation.

In his first deposit before Congress, Bezos was asked about a recent data report, which said that Amazon had used such data to create its own competing products.

Her research Wall Street Journal found that some Amazon executives had access to seller data, which was then used to discover the best-selling items.

The Member of Parliament for Democracy Pramila Jayapal, whose area includes Seattle, where Amazon is headquartered, the report said WSJ and the deposit made last year by the company's general manager Nate Sutton, who said that Amazon did not use "specific seller data»In the production of its own products.

«We have one policy against the use of vendor-specific data to assist private companies,Said Jeff Bezos.

«"But I can not guarantee that this policy has never been violated."

"I will accept it, as you do not deny it," said Jayapal, who has often criticized Amazon for treating and paying its employees, and for trying to evade federal taxes on USA.

The main concern of investigators was whether the four tech giants, Jeff Bezos, Tim Cook, Mark Zuckerberg and Sundar Pichai, have become so big and powerful, and whether the time has come for them to fall.

The data collected by members of the House of Representatives represents the most serious antitrust inquiry into the technology sector since the 2000 hearings against Microsoft, which the government accused of abusing its monopoly position. Microsoft initially lost the case, but won on appeal, and agreed to a deal to share some of its software with other companies.

Jeff Bezos: He does not deny that Amazon used sales data

Jeff Bezos was not the only technology CEO to receive sharp questions at the hearing. The chairman of the committee David Cicilline, addressing Pichai, said: "Why Google steals content from honest businesses? "

Zuckerberg was asked about the purchase of Instagram by Facebook in 2012 and whether it was acquired because it was a threat. He said the deal had been reviewed by the Federal Trade Commission and that the Instagram was then a small photo sharing application and not a social media phenomenon.


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