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Extend the life of your old PS4 and Xbox One!

If you bought a new Xbox One or PS4 2013, when these consoles, will be seven years old today. And definitely 7 years is a lot for a machine.

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Extend the life of your old PS4 and Xbox One!

The good news is that there are ways to keep your PS4 or Xbox One in good condition and survive for several years.

Keep it cool

These "boxes" have CPU and But by the full GPU acceleration tech for gaming, which can become very hot. Let's not forget that they rely on technology over the age of seven, which means that they have lost the latest generations of performance improvements. Follow the steps below to make it as cool as possible.

  • Do not keep your console in a closed glass or wooden cabinet, especially when operating.
  • Do not stack other devices on top of your console. For example, cables or other consoles.
  • You can put a lifting leg set so that it does not rest on the ground and has a better air flow.
  • Regularly remove dust and debris, especially from fans.

Upgrade the hard drive to SSD

Each hard drive has a rating MTBF, for "average time between failures». And for these old school records, the first failure is the last. If a hard drive has rotatingthe disks, like those on the Xbox One or PS4, will eventually die.

It is also somewhat slow compared to newer units. Newer models, even the Xbox One X and PS4 Pro, are still available with units HHD, but ta PS5 and Xbox Series X finally support SSD.

Fortunately, the replacement or upgrade of space storage is one of the easiest and most effective ways to boost your Xbox or PlayStation.

Fortunately, both consoles now support external drives, so it may be easier to simply connect one, for extra storage, and no tools are required.

Extend the life of your old PS4 and Xbox One!

Replace to optical drive

So many Gamers use digital downloads now that you may not even notice if your PS4 or Xbox One optical drive is not working. If you do not have a game to play on a physical disc, you may not need to worry, as it is a more complicated task than replacing a storage drive.

You will need to create a new drive that is supported by the PS4 motherboard. Or in the case of the Xbox One, change an internal circuit board.

Fix problems software and operating system

When something goes wrong, restart. This is the most universally accepted axiom of technology support, and also applies to game consoles. Almost every cooling or software problem I had on a console was resolved by restarting. Unfortunately, this is not always the case.

This step is not a "treatmentBut for a slow laptop, the best way to refresh it is to reset it to factory settings, as can the PS4 or Xbox One.

Since most of all your games are in the cloud, all you have to do after the reset is download any current games you are playing. This should clear up a lot of junk from your console hard drive.

Xbox One

If you have problems, try a hard reboot first, which is different from turning off the system and waking it up again. You can do this by pressing and holding the power button for 10 seconds.

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Extend the life of your old PS4 and Xbox One!

Go to the settings menu and then to the section All Settings> System> Console Info> Console Reset. There will be an option to keep your games and applications installed, which will simply restore the firmware of the console. The choice "Restore and remove everything»Will make a complete erasure and give you a fresh feeling.


Similar to the instructions above for Xbox One, follow for PS4. From the settings menu, go to PlayStation Network / Account Management> Enable as your main PS4> Change this option to Disable (if it is currently active) > Return to Settings> Initialize > Select either Reset to default settings, which maintain your game facilities and those that you have saved, or Initialize PS4, which is the complete erasure.

It is advisable to follow the above tips for PS4 and Xbox One, and in case you are planning to sell one of your consoles, and remove your staff information account.

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