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WhatsApp: Tests connecting an account to 4 devices!

According to information, the WhatsApp seems to be testing the possibility connection of the same account of one user in many different Appliances.

WhatsApp: Tests connecting an account to 4 devices!

As he says BetaInfo, the last beta version of WhatsApp for Android contains hints that the communications service is testing the ability to connect to up to four devices, including computers Poppy.

The informant adds that the application could eventually allow users to send codes to log in to their account on an additional phone, although it is not clear how it might work in terms of security.

As of now, WhatsApp requires a phone number to connect to one iPhone of Apple, and while this device can be used to connect to a desktop application or the Internet, you cannot use the same account on another phone without transferring the number. So if you lose your number, you also lose your account in the application.

Based on the screenshots shared on WABetaInfo, this could soon change. The images show that the interface of the connected devices being tested is similar to the way users connect their account to version of the web application.

WhatsApp: Tests connecting an account to 4 devices!

The feature is currently hidden in the beta, so no one can use it. Whether it will be revealed in a future beta or done directly in a public release is a matter for us after the tests, if WhatsApp decides that something is possible.

Therefore, the service developers are working hard to bring the new features. Earlier this month, WhatsApp launched a number of new features in its mobile, web and desktop variants, including the option QR code scanner for contacts and a new dark running theme that extends to computers.


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