hacked: Update passwords immediately! hacked: Update passwords immediately!

A infringement security on a third-party service, which led to the leak of some Slidely and Promo passwords, was discovered on July 21, 2020. said it stopped all suspicious activity and launched an internal investigation to learn more about the incident. hacked Promo passwords

What actions did the company take?

The company stated that it takes very seriously safety of its customers and that it has taken the following actions to protect them:

  • He sent an update with suggestions on what customers should do.
  • Completely abolish the vulnerable service of third parties.
  • He hired a leading security company in cyberspace, to further enhance protection.
  • Continuously strengthens safeguards and systems that detect and prevent unauthorized access to user accounts.

What information could have been affected by this incident?

Initially the company clarified that they did not leak data credit card or billing information, as it does not store such information.

Exposed data include first name, last name, address emails, IP address, approximate user location based on IP address, gender, and encrypted, fragmented password in the Promo or Slidely account. Although the account password was fragmented it is likely to be decoded.

In addition, the connection through social media accounts was not affected either.

Is it safe to continue using your account?

The company states that there is none problem, after taking appropriate action and informing all its customers who may have been affected, proposing a change of password.

What you have to do

As an immediate precaution, customers will be asked to change their Promo passwords when logging in to account their.

To keep your account secure, use this link: and follow the steps to reset your password.

If you use the same or similar password for other online accounts, you must change the password. code to protect these accounts.

For your convenience, see best practices here To contact the company, you can email, to get more details.

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