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Trump spreads misleading video about COVID-19

The president <br><br>Donald Trump bombed it Twitter announcing the new misleading videos for Covid-19, published on Monday.

trump covid-19 video
Trump spreads misleading video about COVID-19

In the video, a group of people calling themselves "Doctors of her first line AmericaThey wore white medical gowns, spoke against the backdrop of the Washington Supreme Court, and made misleading allegations about the virus, including Donald Trump's theory that hydroxychloroquine is an effective treatment for Covid-19, and that masks do not slow down the spread of the virus.

The video for Covid-19 does not seem to be anything special, but within six hours, President Donald Trump and his son Donald Trump Junior had published their versions in tweets, while the right news site had also announced it Breitbart.

Done viral, and was widely communicated through groups Facebook dedicated to vaccination movements and conspiracy theories, such as QAnon, garnering millions of views. Many versions of the video have been uploaded to YouTube and links were shared through Twitter.

This is because the video was specifically designed to appeal to conspiracy theorists and conservatives eager to see the economy reopen, with authentic scenery and characters. It also showed that even as social media companies speeded up response time to eliminate dangerous virus misinformation, people continued to find new ways to spread the word.

Facebook, the YouTube and Twitter worked feverishly to remove videos of Covid-19 spread by Trump, claiming he was violating their policies, but by then, it was the latest example of widespread misinformation about the virus.

«If only one person believes someone who spreads these lies and then makes others believe them, spread them or even die from the virus, that one person is too many., "Said the Lisa kaplan, founder of the Group Alethea, a start-up company that helps fight misinformation.

One of the speakers, identified as Dr. Stella Immanuel, said: «You do not need masks to prevent the coronavirus from spreading. " In the video he also claims that he cures me hydroxychloroquine Hundreds of patients have been infected with Covid-19, a theory spread by Trump, and claimed to be an effective treatment.

Trump's theory of hydroxychloroquine, a drug for malaria, which he said he was taking, has been rejected by the Food and Drug Administration, as he has said that "may be effective in prevention, it involves many risks». The National Institutes of Health has stopped clinical trials of the drug.

In addition, studies have repeatedly shown that masks are effective in limiting the spread of coronavirus.

The trajectory of Monday's video reflects that of "Plandemic", A 26-minute narrative that spread widely in May and falsely claimed that a clique was using the virus and the possible vaccine for some benefit and to gain strength. In just over a week, Plandemic aired over eight million times on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram before being removed.

However, the video released on Monday had more views within hours of its release, although it was removed much faster.

On Tuesday morning, Twitter also took action against Donald Trump Jr. after releasing the Covid-19 video. A Twitter spokesman said the company had ordered Trump to delete the misleading tweet and said that "will limit the functionality of the account for 12 hours». Twitter took a similar action against her Kelli Ward, the president of the Arizona Republican Party.

misleading video Covid-19
Trump spreads misleading video about COVID-19

When asked about the video, Trump continued to defend the doctors involved and the treatments for Covid-19 they support.

«For some reason the internet wanted to download it and remove it,Said the president. «I think they are very respected doctors. There was a woman who was impressive in her statements on the issue, she was so successful and they deprived her of her voice. I do not know why they took her out. Maybe they had a good reason, maybe not.»

Members of the team behind the video, which flooded social media and was constantly promoted by Trump and his son, say they are doctors treating patients infected with Covid-19. But it was not clear where they practiced or how many patients they saw.

Doctors have also been promoted by conservatives such as Brent Bozell, founder of Media Research Centerr, a non-profit media organization.

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