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Facebook: How to hide old posts

Facebook has introduced a new tool called "Activity Management" that lets you delete old posts, helping you to improve your posts the way you want.

How does it matter, you ask? Well, imagine a situation where your potential employer looks at your Facebook profile (yes, that happens often) or pictures of old relationships you forgot about, but hey, here it is! Or just an unnecessary amount of photos you took and uploaded because you thought you were a photographer (yes, we all have them!).


Now, years later, how do you handle them? One way is to delete them. Click and leave forever. But the other option is the new activity management tool.

The new tool allows you to delete bulk photos based on criteria such as posts with specific people or posts between specific time intervals.

You can basically delete, repair and enhance your own Facebook digital footprint. You can archive posts that you do not want others to see, nor can you delete them. You can even choose to discard them if you wish. However, if you change your mind about deleting these posts, you can retrieve them from waste bin within 30 days, unless you have also deleted this post from the bin.

If you want to use this tool, you need to follow these simple steps:

How to remove old unwanted Facebook posts from your profile

Step 1: Open Facebook and open your profile

Step 2: Click on Activity Log> Activity Management> Your Posts

Step 3: Click Filters and select "People" or "Date" if you have criteria for organizing your posts or you can click "categories" and choose which posts you want to edit from: All, Text updates, check-in , notes and more, Photos and videos, and posts from other apps

Step 4: Now just select the posts and click on "File" or "Trash" at the bottom to organize the posts

This tool is now available on Facebook Lite and will be released soon for the main Facebook application and desktop.


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