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Cannabis: Scientists modified it to kill cancer

It is scientifically proven that the chemical compounds found in cannabis, especially cannabidiol (CBD), are effective in treating the symptoms of many cancers. But now there are indications that it may possibly cure her disease attacking cancer cells.

Cancer researcher Matt Dun, of the University of Newcastle in Australia, recently completed a three-year study showing that a specific modified cannabis strain is destructive to certain types of cancer cells while remaining harmless to cells in the human body.

According to a press release from the University of Newcastle:

"Laboratory tests conducted at the University of Newcastle and the Hunter Institute for Medical Research have shown that a modified form of cannabis can kill or inhibit cancer cells without affecting normal cells, revealing its potential as a cure. medicine relief. "

This strain, named Eve, has been modified to contain less than 1% of the expected amount "THC", The compound associated with the psychotropic properties of cannabis, while at the same time has a very high amount CBD.


Dun and his team worked with the Australian Natural Therapies Group (ANTG) to develop the strain and perform the necessary tests to determine its potential as an invasive agent in cancer. According to Dun:

"ANTG wanted me to try it against cancer, so we initially used leukemia cells and we were really surprised at how sensitive it was. At the same time, cannabis did not kill normal bone marrow cells, nor did it kill normal healthy neutrophils (white blood cells). "Then we realized that there was a selective mechanism that targeted cancer, and we spent the last few years trying to find the answer."

The next steps include testing the strain on other types of cancer cells in the hope that lawmakers around the world will be persuaded to take cannabis testing seriously. Studies such as the one conducted are difficult to conduct in places where cannabis is still considered dangerous and illegal. drug, as in USA. where it remains classified as a hazardous substance similar to heroin.


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Cannabis: Scientists modified it to kill cancer

It is scientifically proven that the chemical compounds found in cannabis, especially cannabidiol (CBD), are effective in treating the symptoms of many ...

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