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Twitter: New allegations of espionage for former employees

His former employees Twitter, recently charged by USA for espionage on her part Saudi Arabia, are charged again.

twitter espionage
Twitter: New allegations of espionage for former employees

Following the rejection of the allegations, the US returns with new accusations, and at the moment it is not clear why they are pushing the case with continuous complaints against the specific men.

The two former Twitter employees, Ahmad Abouammo and Ali Alzabarah, as well as the third person by name Ahmed Almutairi were originally accused of espionage, and in particular of being illegal access into a private information while acting illegally agents of a foreigner government, for spying on Twitter users criticizing the Saudi royal family.

This time, they are accused of seven offenses instead of two. The charges include representing a foreign government without informing the attorney general, conspiracy for electronic transactions fraud, cyber fraud, money laundering, destruction, alteration - falsification of files in federal investigations, synergy and criminal confiscation.

The US government's allegations are largely similar to the original allegations of espionage, while former Twitter employees are still accused of using their corporate privileges to provide non-public information, Twitter accounts, to the Saudi government and the royal family. .

The initial complaint stated that they had access to information such as phone numbers, information recent addresses IP, devices used, CV information provided by the user, logs with a user's browser information and a complete file to record the actions of a Twitter user without authorization or consent.

former twitter employees
Twitter: New allegations of espionage for former employees

In the new indictment, the US government provides more details about the cyber espionage, the information retrieved by former Twitter employees and who they belong to. According to the allegations, the Abouammo and Alzabarah had access to information from accounts journalists, celebrities and public interest and brand organizations in the Middle East.

It also blames its officials Saudi Arabia, that they paid him Abouammo at least $ 200.000, by bank transfer to a company with a bank account in Lebanon. It is also claimed that he was given a watch worth about $ 20.000. The amount stated in the original complaint was approximately $ 300.000.

In addition to allegations of spying on Twitter accounts, the US government also accuses Abouammo of lying to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) on the money he received, the watch and the communications with Saudi officials. Abouammo allegedly lied to the FBI without mentioning the watch and provided a forged, older receipt showing a $ 100.000 payment from Saudi officials, which he said he received in exchange for consulting services.


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