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Netflix: How to change the language in profiles, subtitles and audio

Netflix is ​​not just an English-language streaming service with content from around the world. You can easily watch movies and shows in other languages. There are also options for changing the language of your audio, subtitles or profile, wherever you live. Let's see below how such a thing can be done!

How to change the language in your Netflix profile

Netflix typically determines the language it uses based on your location. For example, in the US, you will receive English, but in Brazil, your profile will be displayed in Portuguese by default.

If you have multiple Netflix profiles, you can set one (or more) of them to use another language. If you are learning a new language, this can help you learn it faster. It can also split Netflix suggestions between languages ​​if you are a multilingual user.

Sorry, the Netflix profile language cannot be changed to iPhone, iPad, application Android or on other platforms. You should do this in a web browser, but the settings you change will apply to your Netflix account.

Once you start your browser and log in to Netflix, there are a few ways you can change the language in your profile.

Change the language of your Netflix profile via the "Manage Profiles" menu

The fastest way to change the language of your Netflix profile is through the "Manage Profiles" menu.

If you are already logged in to the profile you want to switch to on Netflix, click your profile icon on the top right, and then click Manage Profiles.

On the main profile selection screen, click on "Manage Profiles" again.

Click the profile you want to edit.

You will then see several options, such as renaming your profile, setting up parental controls, and so on.

Click the "Language" drop-down menu, select the language in which you want to change your profile, and then click "Save".

You have returned to the profile selection screen. Click "Finish" to confirm your changes.

The language displayed on Netflix in this profile will now be the one you selected. In addition, if a television emission or a movie you are watching has audio streams or subtitles in that language, Netflix will use them by default.

Change the language of your Netflix profile in the "Account" menu

You can also change the language of your Netflix profile in the "Account" menu. To access it, simply click on your profile icon at the top right, then select "Account".

Go to the section "Profiles and parental controls" and then press the down arrow next to the profile you want to change.

The current language used in this profile will be listed in the "Language" section. Click "Change" to select a different one.

Select a new language from the list that appears, and then click Save.

Netflix will change the language settings to the one you selected. If you watch content available in this language, Netflix will default to audio and subtitles.

How to change the audio and subtitle language on Netflix

If you only want to change the audio and subtitle language in a program, you can do so during playback. Netflix will default to the language you selected in your profile, but you can switch to any other available.

However, by default, Netflix displays only up to seven alternative languages ​​that you can switch to while playing. If the language you want is not listed, you will need to change the language of your profile as shown above.

The following methods describe how to change the Netflix audio and subtitle language during web playback and in cell phones. However, the steps must be similar on other devices, including smart TVs.

How to Change the Netflix Audio and Subtitle Language on the Web

To do this on the web, start playing the TV show or movie, then hover over the options menu at the bottom.

Click the Audio and Subtitles icon at the bottom right.

A list of available audio streams and subtitle languages ​​will appear in the pop-up menu.

Click the language in which you want to change the audio stream or for which you want to enable subtitles.

The audio stream will change immediately to the new language. If you have enabled subtitles, they will start appearing at the bottom of the video.

How to change the Netflix audio and subtitle language on your mobile

The process of changing the audio and subtitle language is similar in Netflix for iPhone, iPad or Android. Just tap play of the show or movie in the Netflix app, then tap the screen to see the playback options.

Click "Audio and subtitles" to access the available languages.

Select a language from the "Audio" or "Subtitles" section, then click "Apply" to confirm your settings.

The sound will now be in the language you selected. Subtitles are off by default, but should now appear in your video.


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