HomesecurityDussmann Group: His data leaked after ransomware attack!

Dussmann Group: His data leaked after ransomware attack!

The team behind it Nephilim ransomware started posting unencrypted archives, which he stole from a subsidiary of the Dussmann Group, during a recent attack. The Dussmann Group is the largest multi-service provider in Germany, with subsidiaries focusing on facility management, corporate childcare, nursing and aged care, while providing business system solutions such as HVAC, electrical work and elevators. The Group confirmed that one of its subsidiaries, the Dresdner Kühlanlagenbau GmbH (DKA), was recently attacked by ransomware, which resulted in the theft and leakage of data stored on systems the company's.

Dussmann Group

Nefilim operators reported that during their attack on DKA, they stole unencrypted files before developing the ransomware. They also added that they use the stolen data against the victims, in order to force them to pay ransom, threatening them for data leakage in dark forums. Nefilim ransomware operators have posted 14 GB of stolen files on their site. These files appear to contain various documents, including documents Word, images, accounting documents and AutoCAD drawings.

The Dussmann Group, after learning of the leak, confirmed to BleepingComputer that its subsidiary, DKA, had been breached and files stolen. Specifically, the Group stated that the attack targeted Dresdner Kühlanlagenbau GmbH (DKA), which employs 570 employees, while during the attack the company data was encrypted and copied.

DKA Germany-ransomware attack

Michaela Mehls, head of corporate communications at the Dussmann Group, said that after the breach, the servers the company's. In addition, the data protection authorities and the State Bureau of Criminal Investigation in Saxony have been informed and charges have been filed. He added that DKA is constantly in contact with the authorities and experts cyber security. Also, the company has already informed its customers and employees about the security incident and data theft, while investigations continue to be conducted for clearer conclusions.

Nefilim ransomware operators told BleepingComputer that they had encrypted four domains and stole about 200 GB of files. However, it is not yet known how Nefilim pilots acquired it access in the DKA network. At the same time, Bad Packets could not find vulnerable portals VPN or devices on their network. Since exposed remote desktop servers seem to be the cause of 70-80% of all network breaches, intruders probably managed to gain access through an exposed server or through Phishing attack.

ransomware attack - ransom

What should companies do to protect themselves from a possible ransomware attack?

To protect a network from breaches during ransomware attacks, companies need to take a multi-layered approach to the security of their systems. It is important to ensure that all RDP servers are accessible only through a corporate VPN. Ransomware typically targets VPN gateways and devices to gain access to corporate and government networks. With VPN gateways now exposed, they also need to be secured and enhanced with the latest available updates security and firmware. Finally, the MFA must be enabled for corporate accounts, while their event logs Windows should be monitored for unusual entries.


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