HomesecurityDrones: The new advanced "weapon" for the safety of your home!

Drones: The new advanced "weapon" for the safety of your home!

Undoubtedly, the systems security play a valuable and crucial role in our lives, both in public and in private. Especially when it comes to our personal space, our home, our priority is to make it as safe as possible. There are now many tools and equipments that can enhance the security of our home - from intercoms to smart locks and installation many cameras. But now, in the list of systems that enhance the security of your home, something even more special and advanced has been added: drones security.

Specifically, the Sunflower Labs presented the new one Sunflower Home Awareness System, which includes Sunflowers. These are motion and vibration sensors, which look like garden lights that change color, but actually do a lot more: they record and show you in the form of a map the movement that is located around your house (people, vehicles, animals) and in fact, in real time, thus keeping you informed of what is happening around your home at all times.

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Each of the Sunflowers has a 20-foot detection radius and can accurately detect and distinguish people, cars and animals. The Bee (a fully autonomous drone with cameras for live video) offers a new note to passive surveillance and can be developed on request to give you more details about any unpleasant activity located in your home. So, it is like having someone constantly checking for any noises that can be heard at night, while the most important thing is that there will be no danger.
The quadcopter uses GPS and "ultrasonic collision avoidance sensors" to stay in the air and transmit to live streaming whatever it encounters, directly on your phone.

At CES (Global Technology Innovation Scene) 2020, attendees were given the opportunity to ask the drone to "inspect" certain predefined locations. For example, one could ask him to visit the pool and this showed in live streaming everything he saw. At that moment, the drone showed a company employee walking by the pool.

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However, one question that could be asked is whether or not what the audience was seeing was captured by the drone in real time. Many asked Sunflowers Labs if it could somehow prove that patrons were not just watching a recorded video. A company representative then pulled out the phone and asked the employee by the pool to turn on some of the lights in the backyard. And the lights came on a little later. Therefore, its demonstration drone it was authentic.

Finally, it is worth noting that the Sunflowers security package starts at $ 9.950, and its price is tailored to the needs of your property, while now you can pre-order it at the price of $ 990. Certainly drones are not an affordable way to enhance the security of your home, but they may be well worth the effort and money.

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