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Google employees will work from home in 2021

With her new decision Google employees will continue working from home, at least until July of 2021, as he stated on Monday.

Google employees
Google employees will work from home in 2021

The company in a statement in the past, had stated that most of its employees would work remotely until the end of 2020, while planning for some employees to return to offices them and earlier.

However, the decision to extend the policy of remote work until next year, shows that one of the largest technology companies in people is ready for a long run pandemic. With this move, Google could push other companies to follow the same policy and further reduce its spread. COVID-19.

The CNN Business recovered copy the note sent by the company to the employees, in which the CEO of Google, Sundar Pichai, tells employees that the company has reopened 42 offices worldwide.

«To enable employees to have one program early on, we will expand the global voluntary remote work by June 30 2021, for employees who are in positions where they do not need to come to the office", Wrote Pichai.

«I hope that remote work will provide the flexibility you need to balance work, taking care of yourself and your loved ones over the next 12 months,Says the CEO of Google.

The tech industry led the long-distance industry during the COVID-19 crisis, and more and more companies such as Twitter and the Facebook they say they intend to allow some employees continue to work remotely indefinitely.

Google employees from home
Google employees will work from home in 2021

Depending on how much the pandemic continues to rage, it is reasonable to expect that even the largest companies technology will reconsider their approach to remote work, as Google does.

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