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How to create a playlist on YouTube

A YouTube playlist is the best way to create a custom list of your favorite videos. You can group videos by channel or interest, and share your playlist for use or editing by others.


Most YouTube content can be added to a playlist, but there are some exceptions. If you want to add "child-specific" videos to a YouTube playlist, you are out of luck, as these videos are restricted due to US COPPA regulations, which are designed to protect children and cannot be added.

Create a new YouTube playlist

If you want to create a new YouTube playlist, you need to find a video that you want to add first and then use that video to create your own playlist. The steps to do this are slightly different for users website and mobile.

On the YouTube Web

To create a new YouTube playlist on the YouTube site, find and open the first video you want to add.

Below the video there are various options for commenting with "like" and "dislike" tags, as well as for sharing or saving the video. Click the "Save" button to continue.

In the "Save In" box, you can either save the video in the "Watch Later" playlist, in another playlist, or in a new playlist.

Click "Create New Playlist" to start creating a new playlist.

Add a name to your playlist in the "Name" box. You can use up to 150 characters for this.

You will also need to set the privacy level for your new playlist. You can set it to public (allowing anyone to search and see it), off list (leaves it public, but hides it from search) or private (only you can see or find it).

When you are satisfied with your options, click "Create" to add it to your playlist.

The video you saved will be immediately added to the playlist as its first video, which you can then find in your YouTube library by clicking on "Library" from the left menu.

You'll also find the playlist listed a few steps below, below the "Watch Later" playlist in the left menu. Clicking this link will take you directly to the playlist.

On Android, iPhone and iPad

Creating a playlist is a similar process in YouTube applications for Android, iPhone and iPad.

You must first open a suitable video and then click the "Save" button below it.

By default, YouTube will add it to the most recently created playlist or to the "Watch Later" playlist if no other playlists are available.

A notification will appear at the bottom of your screen. Click the "Change" button to edit the storage location if you want to add it to a new playlist.

In the "Save Video to" options menu, click the "New Playlist" button on the top right.

Enter a name for your playlist, and then set the privacy level to public, unregistered, or private.

Click "Create" to save your selection.

Once saved, the video will be added to your new playlist.

You can also do this for multiple videos by selecting the "Library" tab in the bottom menu. From there, click the "New Playlist" button.

A list of recently watched videos will appear here. Click the check box next to the video (or videos) you want to add, then select the "Next" button.

The options for naming your new playlist will appear. Give it a name and set the appropriate levels confidentiality (public, unregistered or private) and then click "Create" to save the playlist.

Whether you decide to create a playlist when playing videos or from your YouTube library, your playlist will be visible in the library.


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