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Google: The new submarine cable will connect the US-Britain-Spain

Η Google announced that it plans to build a new one transatlantic, submarine cable network that will connect USA, United Kingdom and Spain.

Google submarine cable
Google: The new submarine cable will connect the US-Britain-Spain

The first transatlantic cable telecommunications was built the 1858, connecting Britain and the USA by telegraph. Between the continents they already operate approximately 750.000 cable miles, to support the demand for communication and entertainment, while they have a lifespan of about 25 years and must withstand large risks, such as earthquakes and strong currents.

The underwater cables data is vital to the global communications infrastructure, while carrying around the 98% of global data, according to Google.

Such cables are usually made by communications companies, which then charge other companies to use them.

The tech giant says it is incorporating new technology into this cable, which it claims is a major upgrade to older lines.

The last cable, called "Grace Hopper", Inspired by one American computer scientist and master, will "hit" the United Kingdom at Will be of Cornwall. It's the quarter Google's proprietary submarine cable, and is expected to be completed by 2022.

«The construction of its own cables helps it to choose cable routes that are optimal, and close to data centers, "He said John Delaney, by the telecommunications analysis company IDC.

«It also minimizes business costs by reducing the need to pay for telecommunications and third-party cable owners to use their infrastructure.»

Η Jayne Stowell, which oversees the construction of Google 's underwater cable projects, he told with the BBC that he needed an internet connection on which he could rely.

«It is not enough to have a single cable, because any component of the network can break from time to time, even if it is 8.000 meters under the sea, it takes some time to repair, " he said.

According to Stowell, some of the submarine cables "they do not work and we need newer, better and more advanced technology».

«They served the need and purpose of that time, but they are an older generation. "

Google has not yet built a cable for China, where its services are limited by the state, but Stowell said it plans to build one in the near future.

Google: The new submarine cable will connect the US-Britain-Spain

Internet use has risen sharply around the world following protection measures Covid-19. The Ofcom revealed that during the quarantine, UK adults went through the one quarter of the day - without bedtime - on the internet.

But Google is not the only one seeking it ownership of vital data infrastructures.

Η Microsoft and Facebook, are co-owners with the telecommunications company Telxius of the cable Tide, which operates routes from the US to Spain. In May, Facebook announced another project to build a submarine cable 37.000 kilometers to supply fast internet in 16 African countries.


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