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Ubuntu Retro Remix: A gaming distribution for Raspberry Pi devices

Recently, a new one was announced distribution ubuntu, which will be compatible with the Raspberry Pi and will support many of the retro video games. The new operating system was called Ubuntu Retro Remix, and is a good choice for all fans of old games that use single-board computers.

The new Ubuntu Retro Remix Project, created by the creator of Ubuntu MATE Martin Wimpress. In addition to creating ubuntu MATE, Wimpress also became known for creating Rolling Rhino, which allows users to turn ubuntu into a rolling distribution.

According to Wimpress, the sole purpose of the new version is to turn the Raspberry Pi into a retroGaming machine. In other words, the fans of old games will be able to play their favorite games simply by acquiring a single-board computer.

At the moment, Ubuntu Retro Remix is ​​being developed and has not even been released in beta. However, in GitHub Repository of Project, users can find many of the scripts that convert regular ubuntu to a gaming version for Raspberry Pi computers. If you choose to use scripts, you must first download the armhf version of Ubuntu, which is built specifically for single-board devices.

It is important to note that the new operating system comes at a time when many other ubuntu distributions have been released, such as UbuntuEd and UbuntuDDE. Apart from these, other operating systems will be released soon, for example Ubuntu Web.

Rather, for many of the users there is no difference between operating systems. In reality, however, each distribution offers users different possibilities. For example, Ubuntu Ed users cannot play everything games, which will be available in Ubuntu Retro Remix. On the other hand, the new operating system does not offer them tools e-learning, which are available on Ubuntu Ed.

For the same reason, Ubuntu Retro Remix may seem like a "useless" distribution to many users. However, if you are a fan of retro toys, then this distribution is the perfect choice for you.


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