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Microsoft PowerToys v0.20: New update with Color Picker added

The next version of PowerToys v0.20 for Windows 10 coming later this month will introduce a new feature called "Color Picker Tool" that lets you click on any part of the screen and retrieve the hexadecimal or RGB color code of the site.

The latest update to PowerToys has added a new feature called "Run", which lets you launch applications faster than using the search engine. Windows. Another feature called “Keyboard Remapper ”appeared to help you reshape the keys on your keyboard.

PowerToys Color Picker

For PowerToys 0.20, coming July 31, the Microsoft has added a new tool that lets you retrieve color from anywhere you click on the screen.

Clint Rutkas, Microsoft Program Manager at Microsoft Power, confirmed one tweet that PowerToys v0.20 will fix many bugs and will also include the new Color Picker tool.

In a post at Github, Microsoft noted that the PowerToys Color Picker will follow its cursor mouse and will display the actual color below the cursor.

"Color Picker is a simple and fast color selection tool for the whole system. Allows you to select colors from any current application and automatically copies HEX or RGB on your clipboard. This code is based on Martin Chrzan's Color Picker ".

Users will enable the color picker using a shortcut, which can be configured in Settings.

Color Picker is also updated for multiple screens and DPI, so it will respect the limits of your screens and will always remain on display.

PowerToys Color Picker

Additionally, you can use the left mouse button to copy a color to a clipboard in a predefined format.

The following is a list of all the key features that will be included in the Color Picker of the new version of PowerToys:

  • The color selection is displayed when the activation shortcut (configurable in settings) is pressed.
  • The color picker follows the mouse cursor and shows the actual color below the cursor.
  • Scrolling up will open the zoom window for greater color selection accuracy.
  • Left-clicking will copy this color to a clipboard in a predefined format.
  • Change the cursor when selecting a color (can be disabled).
  • The color picker is multi-monitor / multi-DPI aware. Respects the boundaries of screens and always stays in view.

If all goes according to Microsoft plans, the PowerToys v0.20 update with the new Color Picker will be available to the public on July 31st.


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Microsoft PowerToys v0.20: New update with Color Picker added

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