HomesecurityIdaho government websites have been hacked by hackers

Idaho government websites have been hacked by hackers

The release of its imprisoned founder WikiLeaks, Julian Assange, requested hackers who occupied three of its government websites Idaho on Sunday afternoon.


Its websites State Parks and Recreation of Idaho, of STEM Action Center, but also a website personal protective equipment supply, accepted the same attack, resulting in their home pages displaying a black background with the message “Hacked by Ghost Squad Hackers”Written in blue letters. Also a message stating "Free Julian Assange! Journalism is not a crime!Appeared under a V GIF from the 2005 movie "V for Vendetta".

A Twitter account reported the incident with the Ghost Squad Hackers, just before 7 p.m. on Sunday. According to the tweet: "The government server of Idaho was violated with the message #FreeAssange ".

Ghost Squad Hackers is a group of various hackers, many of whom are even affiliated with the group Anonymous. As the team leader stated on the Indian news website The Wire"The group 's primary intention and focus is anti - government and organized protests in cyberspace as part of the ongoing involvement of speculative media and real - life events." Some Indian government websites have recently fallen victim to the group and the group reportedly targeted both the US military and the terrorist group. ISIS recent years.


The Idaho political leader contacted technology and cybersecurity experts until 9 p.m. on Sunday, no other government officials appear to have been affected sites.

This is not the first time that government websites have been hacked. In 2017, the treasury website was breached and posted a message in favor of Islamic State, while in 2018 the Idaho Legislature website was breached and featured a message written in Italian and a video by the AnonPlus team. No sensitive data has been breached in either case, but in 2016 a breach of the Idaho Fish and Game Licensing Database raised concerns that sensitive information may have been breached.


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