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Amazon Prime Video: How to create a new user profile?

The Amazon Prime Video has added a new handy feature: the ability to create separate profiles with individual parental controls. Here's how to set up your profile so you and your family no longer have to share watchlists.

Configuring allows many people to share same subscription to Amazon Prime, but have separate histories and watch lists. You can have up to six profiles, each with its own set of rules and parental controls.

How to set up a new one Amazon Prime Video profile on mobile

To create a new profile on your mobile device, Download the Amazon Prime Video app at iPhoneThe iPad or the Android and then sign in to your Amazon account. After logging in, click on “My Stuff”Bottom right, to access your profile.

Amazon Prime Video

From there, click the arrow next to your name. You will see a list of all active user profiles and a default profile named "Kids".

Amazon Prime Video

To create a new user profile, click on "New".

Amazon Prime Video

On the profile page, enter a name and choose whether you want this profile to be for children. If you do, this account will only be able to access content for children.

Click "Save" to create the new profile.

Amazon Prime Video

To go to the new profile, click the arrow next to your name. You will see the new account below your other profiles. Press to use it.

Amazon Prime Video

Customize it Amazon Prime Video profile in the mobile application

To customize a profile from smartphone or the tablet , open the Amazon Prime Video app and sign in to an adult profile. Then tap the gear icon to open your account settings. (Note that some options are not available in the application for cell phones.)

Amazon Prime Video

If you want to adjust Content restrictions for a child profile, click on "Parental Controls". Here, you can set viewing restrictions and change the PIN after confirming the password access you.

Amazon Prime Video

If you want to set up your account PIN for the first time, you will need a desktop browser. In application for mobile, you can only change one existing PIN. Click on "Change Prime Video PIN" to do so.

On iPhone, you can also tap on “Enable Face ID”To set up a biometric connection instead of a PIN, to watch limited videos. However, keep in mind that to use this feature you must also enable "Viewing Restrictions".

Setting up a new one Amazon Prime Video profile from desktop

To create a new profile from your computer, go to Amazon Prime Video website and sign in to your account. Click on "Watch on Amazon" to go to the home page.

Amazon Prime Video

Click on the username at the top right, then select "Add New" from the menu. As with the mobile version, you will see a default "Kids" profile in the list.

On the "New Profile" page, enter the account name and select the option next to "Kid's Profile?", If this is a child profile.

Click "Save Changes" to create the profile.

You will then be taken to the Amazon Prime Video home menu. To go to the new profile, click on the arrow next to your name, then select the new account from the list.

Customize it Amazon Prime Video profile from your desktop

To customize your new profile from the desktop computer your, log in to account on Amazon Prime Video.

Then click the gear icon next to your account to open the settings. Click "Settings", verify the password access and then you will be taken to the Amazon Video Account Settings page.

If you want to customize them parental controls or to set content restrictions, go to the “Parental Control” tab. You will be prompted to create a five-digit PIN, which you will use to authorize Prime Video purchases and bypass any restrictions you have set for a profile.

After creating a PIN, you can also choose if it will be required for future ones markets, including movies and rentals.

Under this setting, you can also adjust any viewing restrictions and which profiles they should apply to. Keep in mind that a child profile may have access only for child friendly content, such as cartoons. It will also display only child-friendly suggestions, and these settings cannot be changed or modified within this profile.


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