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Unhackable quantum internet is being prepared by the USA

The USA, working on a new national quantum internet, which will become operational within the next decade. According to a blueprint of Department of Energy (DOE) this new inaccessible Internet, will be based on quantum technology and will use the principles of quantum mechanics to transfer information more securely than existing ones networks.


The idea and the way of its implementation was presented initially at a conference at the University of Chicago. The Ministry of Energy stated that this will raise the nation to the top positions in the field of quantum internet.

In February, with the help of researchers from the university and the quantum mechanics industry, organization managed to create a "quantum loop" of 52 miles (83 km) on the outskirts of Chicago, one of the longest terrestrial quantum networks in the United States.

The goal is to create a parallel and more secure network based on the concept of quantum entanglement or the transmission of subatomic particles. As he has stated, the Ministry of Energy aims to create such a network within the next 10 years.

"The foundation of quantum networks is based on our ability to accurately synthesize and manipulate matter on an atomic scale, including the control of individual photons," he said. David Awschalom, professor at the University of Chicago and senior scientist at Argonne National Laboratory.


According to the Ministry of Energy, the reasons behind the use of quantum transmission for a secure Internet is that "it is extremely difficult to intercept as information pass between sites ", which can help create" almost invulnerable networks ".

According to the Ministry, the first sectors that will adopt the quantum internet are banking and health services. Other areas in which it might also be useful are national security and aviation.

Finally, the quantum technology networking will also be released for mobile phones, affecting the lives of people all over the world.


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