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How to persuade older people to use technology?

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Η technology can often seem scary and difficult to elderly manwho are not familiar with the various Appliances and terminology. However, can provide effective services and help older people.

By explaining the benefits and providing them with a comprehensive framework for technology, you can persuade them to incorporate it into their lives:

Explaining technology

1. To persuade seniors to use technology they need explain exactly what it is in simple words to be understood. Remember that most older people are unfamiliar. So they need simple descriptions and vocabulary. Take time and explain in detail.

  • Avoid using brand names. For example, use the word phone instead iPhone or the word tablet instead of iPad.
  • Say simple things. You do not need to tell seniors all the product names or differences between them. Explain them basic functions of the devices, which will be able to meet their needs.
  • Think about what information you need to provide and how to describe them to a person who has nothing to do with technology.
  • Compare the technology product with something they already understand. Say, "Your cell phone is like your landline, but you can take it anywhere."

2. Explain the benefits of technology. Technology can be very helpful. Explaining its advantages will give an extra incentive older people to continue learning and using a new technology. Whether it is the Internet or one smartphone or a Smart TV, the benefits are many.

  • Explain the benefits based on what they are interested in and the needs they want to meet. For example, they may want to keep in touch with family or see more pictures of their grandchildren. Show them how technology can help.
  • Try explaining to them how to use iPhone or Facebook will help them stay in touch with family members across the city, country or world.
  • Explain how they can monitor health and fitness using one Apple watch.
  • Show them how a smart TV can allow them to record TV shows to watch at any time.
  • Explain the above with simple words

3. Deal with physical limitations. Many seniors resist learning new technology due to physical limitations (vision or hearing problems, chronic or significant illnesses, etc.). Dealing with these physical limitations will help both you and the elderly understand which technologies can be used and which can not.

For example, the iPhone They are often thin and smooth, so they can fall out of their hands, especially if they have arthritis or tremors in their limbs. In this case, you need a thicker protective case and screen protector so that the phone is protected in the event of a fall.

Support during their transition

1. Show them how they can see photos of children and their grandchildren. If take time to show (practically) the elderly how technology works they are more likely to understand it but also to adopt it in their daily lives. Give them some lessons on how to turn them on and off Appliances and applications and show them some basic functions. Show them how to call, text or e-mail etc.

Show them a few things at a time. If you give them many information they may be stressed and give up. Explain to them that it is normal to be late in learning a new technology.

2. Offer technical support. The elderly will probably need ongoing support. Help the elderly whenever they have problems and explain to them what the solution is (if it is simple). THE willingness Helping them motivates them to keep using technology because they know they can always help.

Inform the elderly person that he can call you and ask you any questions.

3. Communicate with the elderly through new technologies. In order for an elderly person to adopt the new technology, he must be "forced" to use it. For example, send him a message on his cell phone or on Facebook. So he will learn how they work and he will start to get acquainted.


Use arguments

1. Do not be disappointed when they say no. Many seniors are resisting new technologies. Instead of being frustrated by the lack of understanding or acceptance, stay calm and try again.

2. Tell them they can stay connected with family, loved ones or friends. Some seniors may not see the meaning of new technologies. However, the more you emphasize the importance of contact with the rest of the family, the more likely they are to want to try what you suggest.

Try using phrases like, “Well, we all use smartphones now. We make video calls to each other every week "," We are all in Facebook"so that we can share our family memories with everyone, no matter where they are".

Show them how you use technology. For example, you could include them in a video call with a loved one. This could gain their interest.

3. Ask them why they avoid technology. By asking seniors why they are not interested in using new technology you can find out information that will help you understand what procedures you need to follow to help them understand its importance.


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