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How to delete your Spotify account?


You have decided to stop using it Spotify and you want to close it permanently account your; See how you can delete it account in just a few moves:

You can delete your account from one web browser in smartphone you or by computer you. The option is not available in mobile or desktop apps.

You need to keep in mind that once you delete your account, you will lose all your playlists and followers. Also, if you have a student discount, you will not be able to use it for another year.

Because of the way Spotify works, you will not be able to claim the same username again, but you can create a new account with the same address e-mail. If you do not want to delete your Spotify account, you can simply unsubscribe from Spotify Premium.

Once you've learned these details and are sure you want to permanently delete your Spotify account, Open it website of Spotify on browser and log in to your account.

Then open it customer support page of Spotify. Click the "Button"Account".


Select “I want to close my account".

From the next section, click the “Closing Account".


Select the “button againClosing Account".


You will now be asked to confirm them details of the bill. Once you are sure it is the correct account, click the “Continue".

In the next step, check the box “I understand”And then click“Continue".


Spotify will ask you to check it out e-mail you for a link. Open your inbox and find email from Spotify. Click on “Closing my account”Found in the email. This link is only valid for 24 hours.


Once you click the button, Spotify will open a new tab and you will see one confirmation that your account has been closed and deleted. You will no longer be able to connect with him account.


If you change your mind, you have 7 days to reactivate your account. You will find the link to do this in your inbox.

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