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How to install third-party keyboards on iPhone and iPad?


In case you did not know, you can use third-party keyboards on your iPhone and iPad. You can add to device everything from GIF to emoji, even Google search.

Below you will see how you can install and use third-party keyboards on iPhone and iPad.

Because it is about system functionality, the process installation a keyboard on iPhone and iPad is not as simple as installing an application.

At first, you need to download a third party keyboard from App Store. Here are some suggestions:

  • Gboard: This is an all-rounder keyboard Google. Almost anything you can think of is available in the Gboard app. You can search for GIFs, translate to Google, Google search, select different themes, etc. and all this is done directly from the keyboard.
  • Keyboard Microsoft Swiftykey: An alternative to Gboard, which is pretty good.
  • GIF keyboard: If you do not want to use GIPHY, the GIF Keyboard from Tenor is the best alternative for sending GIF directly from your keyboard.

How to install third-party keyboards on iPhone and iPad

Once you have downloaded the keyboard application from the App Store, you will proceed with the installation process. You do not need to open it application. Go to “Settings”And press the option“Generally".


Now, click on “Keyboard".


Here, press the “Keyboards".


You will see all the keyboards you have installed (including keyboards for different languages ​​and for Emoji). Swipe down and press the “Add a new keyboard".


Now, you will see a large list of languages. Scroll down until you find the section “Third party keyboards“. Select the keyboard application you downloaded.


You will now return to the screen “Keyboards”And you will see that the new keyboard has been installed and activated.

But we do not end here. If you want to use features like GIF search, you have to allow complete access on the keyboard. To do this, select the newly installed third-party keyboard from the keyboard list.

iPhone iPad

Activate the option “Allow full access".

iPhone iPad

From the pop-up window, press the “To be allowed", for verification.


And now, your keyboard is ready to use.

How to use third-party keyboards on iPhone and iPad?

You can install multiple third-party keyboards on your iPhone or iPad and do switching with each other easily using the key Globe on the virtual keyboard. You may be familiar with this if you have used it keyboard Emoji.

Pressing the Globe key takes you to the next keyboard in the list. But if you want to switch to a specific keyboard, press and hold the "Globe" key. You will see a list of all available keyboards. Select the keyboard you just installed.


Immediately, you will go to the new keyboard.


Thanks to the above process, you will be able to use your new keyboard and enjoy all the features you do not have access via your iPhone and iPad default keyboard.


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