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How to add iCloud calendar to Android

If you love them Android devices and its ecosystem Google, but you're addicted too in her world Apple and iOS, see how to combine them and you will make your daily life easier. If you have an iCloud calendar in which you want to have access from the Google Android calendar, follow step by step these instructions.

icloud android calendar
How to add iCloud calendar to Android
  1. Open it at program your browser.
  2. On a separate tab, open it
  3. Connect to each account and verify your identity as required.
  4. From, click on the iCloud calendar.
  5. Find the iCloud calendar you want to copy to Android and click the curved lines (resembling the Wi-Fi symbol) to the right of the calendar name.
  6. Click the check box in public calendar.
  7. Below that, click on Copy Link.
  8. Return to her calendar tab Google.
  9. From the left navigation bar, click on the symbol + next to Other Calendars.
  10. When appears dialogue framework, Click on From URL.
  11. Paste the calendar link you copied from iCloud.
  12. When the link is pasted, change the text on the front of the link from "webcal»To«http».
  13. Click Add Calendar and you will see the iCloud calendar appear in the section Other Calendars of Android Calendar.
  14. If, for some reason, steps 11-12 do not work, you can paste the copied URL into a new tab.
  15. Then click add when the dialog box appears.
  16. You should see your new calendar appear in the section Other Calendars of your Google Calendar.
icloud calendar
How to add iCloud calendar to Android

The iCloud calendar and events you just added will now appear in the view Google Calendar. However, if they take place later changes in the iCloud calendar, you will need to repeat this process, as it does not remain synchronized with Android. If you want to keep one alive connection between ecosystems, you need to download one application third party from the store Google Play and follow the instructions installation.


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