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The iPhone 12 charger has leaked and has a new look!

H last leakage for iPhone 12 cancels all previous ones while indicating that the charger will have new look and may be included in the package.

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Big leaks in recent weeks have reported that the line of new iPhone 12 models will not have EarBuds ή charger in the package, but the latest leak indicates that it will still exist cable and it will be different from what we are used to providing with previous iPhones.

According to a post by my favorite informant lovetodream on TwitterThe Apple can put on the packaging of iPhone 12 one braided cable, and not a cable covered with plastic. This is something that the source has mentioned again in the past, but now tweet accompanied by evidence.

Braided wires are said to be more durable and therefore are likely to last longer and survive its use and wear connection- disconnect from smartphone.

Of course, before you get excited, keep that in mind This is not verified information from Apple, and at present we do not know much about the source from which it came. In addition, the original tweet about his charger iPhone 12, notified, has been removed without explanation o λόγος.

For the image displayed by the charger, the lovetodream commented via tweet that the black cable is designed for Mac and for the new iPhone intended for white cable.

The source could not confirm whether this will be included in the package for all iPhone 12 models or if it will be limited to a few devices. Some devices may or may not have a plastic cable at all.

The iPhone 12 charger has leaked and has a new look!

For example, the iPhone 11 Pro and the Pro Max they also have a cable loading USB-C, but the iPhone 11 has only USB-A. The company may decide to use a similar approach to the new model and include this redesigned cable in some devices only.

As we have recently mentioned, the iPhone 12 is rumored to will be delayed after the pandemic Covid-19, and this may mean that we will not see the release of the new Apple series until October of this year.

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