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The 5 best offline games for Android smartphone

Playing PUBG on your mobile can be difficult when traveling, but you can download free the best offline games for Android. It's a good solution for those who may not have internet, and it's completely It's free.

  • Crowd city
offline Android games
The 5 best offline games for Android smartphone

Kind: Arcade

Μέγεθος: 175 MB

There are not many free offline games for Android that are as addictive as Crowd city. Once you start playing it, you will not be able to stop.

Crowd City game is very simple: you are given the control of a random character you can name, and every other person you touch turns into a clone, just like you. To win each round, you must create as many clones as possible.

It's an offline game, with one player, but you will fight against many tech-controlled opponents AI to convert crowds to clones. The best part about Crowd City is when your crowd grows so large that it can turn other AI players into clones.

  • Rayman Adventures

Kind: Platformer

Μέγεθος: 534 MB

If you want to enjoy a quality console game on Android smartphone, then you can not miss the offline Rayman Adventures. It is based on the much bigger game Rayman Legends available on PC and consoles.

There are two protagonists to choose from, and when you do, the game allows you to relax in a beautifully developed world full of treasures, secrets locations.

The game also has hunting levels, where a huge boss will chase you and your only option is to escape.

  • Ludo king

Kind: Board game

Μέγεθος: 107 MB

Board games are fun for everyone family, but in the age of digital games, it is not so popular. However, a famous board game of Indian origin, known as Ludo, has surpassed the 100 million downloads on Play Store.

The purpose of the game is simple: you have four pawns, of four different colors and you have to make each of them make a complete circle around the board. Players roll the dice to have the number of steps they can take.

If this sounds confusing, do not worry, the game comes with the section "Rules», Which can be found in the settings menu. Ludo is one of the best offline games, a competitive board game and can not be played alone.

You can also test your dice dice skills CPU. Ludo also supports functionality multiplayer up to 4 players and is probably one of the few games in the Play Store that offers such a feature.

  • Crossy Road

Kind: Arcade

Μέγεθος: 160 MB

Crossy Road is also one of the best offline games and is located at Google Play Store for quite some time, and for good reason. In this game you play as chicken and your goal is to cross the road, and cross the trains and rivers.

The player must move the chicken in different directions by simply pressing it screen. Be careful, as increased traffic and fast-moving trains can be fatal. The game has no real time limit, but there is an eagle that always hides above the ground, and you are his next prey.

Crossy road has graphics inspired by Minecraft, with trees, cars and other objects shaped into a cubic design.

  • Alto's Odyssey
The 5 best offline games for Android smartphone

Kind: Platformer

Μέγεθος: 72 MB

Alto's Odyssey has a beautifully constructed learning and development experience, while putting you in the place of Alto, a silent one desert skiers which can do backflip all day. The whole game has an endless desert consisting of ever-increasing challenges.

After a brief introduction to this offline Android game, you will find yourself in a beautiful world accompanied by a relaxing soundtrack and pleasant graphics, and you will understand why it belongs to the list of the best games.

The main game of Alto's Odyssey revolves around άλμα, The perform backflips and slipping on ropes, to collect coins that you can use for upgrades.

There are many other offline games, such as Dead Rain 2, Dawn Break, Mortal Kombat, Arcane Quest Legends, Amaze, Dead Effect 2, Endless Nightmare, Demolition Derby, Arcane Quest Legends, Dead Trigger, Truck Simulator, RIP, Dragon Hills 2 that you can enjoy on Android your smartphone.


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