HomesecurityA toll official is accused of violating citizens' data

A toll official is accused of violating citizens' data

Η York Regional Police indicted a man working on the Highway 407 ETR toll booth after a research which revealed that the personal data of thousands of citizens had been violated.


According to police, from May 2018, investigators began to receive information from the company responsible for tolls on this highway, that one of its employees had access to personal data of citizens, without their permission.

As revealed by researchers, following an extensive investigation they conducted, an employee allegedly used one of the company's computers to obtain access in details such as names, addresses and telephone numbers of 60.000 citizens from specific geographical areas.

Police arrested him on Thursday Varun (Bobby) Saini, 37 years old and a resident of Toronto.

The charges against Saini include misuse of data and unauthorized use computer.

The defendant has been released and is scheduled to appear in a Newmarket court on November 5.

Police have asked any citizen who has information about the incident to contact them immediately, as any information could be useful.

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