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Intel: 7nm chips for computers will not come until 2022

Intel postpone the date traffic of 7nm chips for computers, according to a statement on Thursday, during the second quarter earnings report. The company said the product program CPU of 7nm goes back about six months, as now its 7nm output is 12 months late.

Intel: 7nm chips for computers will not come until 2022

Intel stated that "accelerates its transition to products 10nm»In 2020, due to increased demand. "

«We found a defective one mode in the 7nm process which resulted in the degradation of production", Said the CEO of Intel, Bob swan.

«We have found the root causes of the problem and believe that there are no fundamental obstacles, but we have also invested in contingency plans to compensate for further timetable uncertainty.. "

The 7nm process is so far the most advanced technology available for device chip manufacturing, which means that the news of the delay is not at all positive for Intel. The additional impetus for the construction of semiconductors to achieve longer life and performance battery, means its shrinkage transistor, with Intel still using 10nm.

«The 7nm delay is not a positive announcement, as many products depend on it,"He said Patrick Moorhead, analyst of Moor Insights.

«Knowing Intel, it always has copies security for her backups, and i'm sure we will hear about improvements at 10nm to increase its competitiveness", Said Moorhead.

If we compare Intel with other big companies, we will see that Qualcomm and Apple had 7nm chips, which are the brain of the device, from 2018. The chip A12 Bionic Apple, when released in September of that year, was the first 7nm processor mass production in the world. And the AMD already has 7nm chips.

For the second quarter of 2020, Intel Computer Company noted rise 7% compared to the corresponding period last year. The rise is due to pandemic COVID-19, as many people had to work and learn from home. So Sales of Intel laptops increased while sales of desktops decreased.

7nm production may have gone backwards, but overall Intel reported revenue 19,7 billion dollars for the quarter and net income 5,1 billion dollars.

intel 7nm chips
Intel: 7nm chips for computers will not come until 2022

Now, it remains to be seen the next announcement from Intel for the new release date of 7nm products and chips.


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