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Ransomware attack closes the services of a wearables manufacturer!

Garmin, manufacturer SmartWatch and wearables, shut down many of its services to deal with an ransomware attack that has encrypted its internal network and some systems production. The company is currently planning to take some measures to deal with the consequences of the attack, including the termination of its official site, the synchronization service. data users Garmin Connect, even some production lines in Asia.

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The manufacturer of smartwatch and wearables, through posts it posted on its site and at Twitter, stated that this interruption also affected his call centers, with the result that the company could not answer calls, messages e-mail And online cats, thus making it impossible for her to communicate with them customers.

The incident, of course, did not go unnoticed, but caused a lot of worries and questions to the company's customers, most of whom rely on the "Garmin Connect" service, to synchronize data on routes and bike rides in servers of Garmin, which were dropped after the ransomware attack.

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However, Garmin declined to confirm that the outage was caused by a ransomware attack. However, because the incident happened on July 23, around 03:00 a.m. UTC, several Garmin employees reported on SOCIAL MEDIA details about it. It is worth noting that all the employees of the company talked about ransomware attack. Some Garmin employees even went so far as to attribute the incident to a new ransomware strain that appeared earlier this year, the WastedLocker. However, the incident seems to be much more serious and devastating than Garmin said in its posts on its official site and Twitter.

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IThome, a Taiwanese news site dealing with information technology and smart devices, published a notice sent by Garmin IT staff to its factories in Taiwan, announcing the scheduled two-day maintenance operation for Friday and Saturday, 24 and 25 July. While the alert did not mention any ransomware attack, sources told the Taiwanese news site that the incident was caused by a "virus".

In today’s cyber security landscape, only ransomware attacks can lead companies to shut down production lines, online services, sites, email servers and call centers, within a few hours, and enter "maintenance mode".

Meanwhile, Garmin service users are sharing online tips on how to store running and cycling information to Garmin partner services, such as Strava, to avoid losing information related to their training, until Garmin remedies and resolves the issue.


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