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Hellenic Police: False recruitment SMS causes panic

The Greek Police and the Cybercrime Prosecution are on their feet after a fake mobilization SMS sent from an unknown source to Greek citizens.

The message calls on citizens to report immediately to the nearest police station to be given a march in order to join the well-known military incident with Turkey that has occupied the media and the country's political leadership.

The sender of the false message seems to be the Ministry of Defense, something that would surely make many of our fellow citizens think about the authenticity of the message.

This is not the first time that smartphones have targeted citizens through SMS campaigns. Network security vulnerabilities GSM have been used in the past to deceive citizens and SecNews published this gap in a timely and valid manner. security on this article.

The Greek Police launched an investigation into the incident and in order to properly inform the citizens, it proceeded to the following statement where it calls on them to ignore the SMS as it is a fraud:

Caution! An obviously deceptive message is circulating. Citizens are asked to ignore this. The Cybercrime Prosecution Directorate of the Greek Police is conducting an investigation into the following message (SMS), which is sent to mobile phones.

Her mobilization was immediate and she posted the scam on social media. Both in Twitter:

SMS recruitment

as well as in Facebook:

SMS recruitment
SMS recruitment

The link attached to the post also leads to the official press release at website of the Greek Police.

The SecNews urges you to be wary of the text messages you receive on your mobile phone knowing that fraudsters will continue to exploit them vulnerabilities of GSM technology in order to cause a disturbance or even to extract sensitive information and / or money from citizens who will click on infected links within the SMS they receive.