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Apple is preparing "specially" iPhones for hackers and security researchers

Apple is preparing "specially" iPhones for hackers and security researchers From today, Apple will offer unique iPhones that will be "friendly to hacking»To security investigators so they can detect vulnerabilities and software bugs with ease.

Over the years, Apple has created the image of having one of the most secure operating systems. This was made possible by locking it software of. While this decision kept them hackers away, it also made it impossible for security researchers to find the root cause of any problem that arose.

However, now Apple is embracing them researchers security and bug hunters with open arms, giving them iPhones «Security Research Device (SRD) ». These special iPhones will offer root shell access and allow researchers to execute custom commands, and perform actions that are not available on iPhones sold to the general public.

While this may sound exciting, especially for security researchers, there is more to consider. Since it is a special iPhone, there are specific rules around it.

First, Apple says that the iPhone must always be "in the facilities of the participants in the program." In other words, researchers cannot use it as their own phone or carry it.

Apple is preparing "specially" iPhones for hackers and security researchers
Apple is preparing "specially" iPhones for hackers and security researchers

Then a researcher security with iPhone SRD cannot reveal vulnerabilities to the public until they have been reported and corrected by Apple. IPhone SRD owners will also participate in a special forum with Apple engineers and access to extensive documentation .

Even if a security researcher agrees to all of this, there is no guarantee that he will receive the special device, as they are limited in number, and he will have to meet certain criteria in order to be selected.

According to Apple, the researcher should be part of the program developers Apple and have a history of operating system vulnerabilities. The person must also be based in an eligible country.

While Apple has reduced security restrictions, it states that these iPhones do not pose a threat to its security operating system, even if lost or stolen.

This is the first time Apple has chosen to do this. Only time will tell how dangerous these iPhones will be if they are in the wrong hands.


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