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Slack accuses Microsoft of unfair competition

Slack has filed a lawsuit against Microsoft Ευρωπαϊκή Επιτροπή claimed anti-competitive behavior, the company said on Wednesday.

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Slack accuses Microsoft of unfair competition

Slack claims that Microsoft abused its dominance in Buy, to eliminate competition for affiliate communication product Teams, linking it to its popular package Office.

He also claims that this move forced millions of people to install it application without the possibility to remove it. Slack "runs" a service that competes directly with Microsoft Teams.

The μετοχές fell about 1% on Wednesday morning with Microsoft being slightly positive. Microsoft did not immediately respond to a request for comment. A representative of EU Competition Commission confirmed that it had received the complaint and stated that "will be evaluated according to standard procedures. "

Certainly Slack's previous frustrations also contributed to the complaint about Microsoft. The CEO, Stewart Butterfield, in an interview in May he told The Verge:

«Microsoft may be busy with our annihilation and Teams is the means to an end.»

However, Butterfield told CNBC earlier that month that “tMicrosoft Teams and Slack are not competitors.»

Microsoft appeared to be under the antitrust radar in recent years following the landmark case against the company brought by the United States and the Department of Justice at the turn of the century. In that case, Americans officials have accused Microsoft of having a monopoly over it its integration browser Internet Explorer on its operating system system Windows. Prosecutors said this limited the market to competitors programs browser on the Microsoft operating system.

Slack's complaint appears to reflect aspects of this earlier Microsoft case, as it claims that the company integrated Teams into the Office suite.

Slack accuses Microsoft of unfair competition

«Microsoft is returning to the behavior of the past", Said the CEO of Slack, David Schellhase, in a statement in the press release announcing the complaint. «They created a weak, product-copy and "tied" it to the dominant Office product, forcibly installing it and preventing its removal, a true copy of their illegal behavior during the "browser wars". Slack calls on the European Commission to take immediate action to ensure that Microsoft will not continue to illegally harness its power from one market to another, combining or committing products.

However, Slack's complaint is likely to raise questions among the antitrust authorities of USA, while at the same time Microsoft has not completely escaped the control of US officials. The Policy Planning Office of the Federal Trade Commission included Microsoft in its review of previous acquisitions in the technology industry.


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