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Instagram: Now you can raise money for yourself

Instagram is launching a new one ability called "Personal Fundraisers" and allows users to raise funds for themselves. The new add-on will be available as a trial initially for users Android at USA, the United Kingdom and Ireland, and will later be available to users iOS, giving them the ability to create their own campaign fundraising and raise money for personal purposes by pressing “Edit Profile,” “Add Fundraiser” and “Raise Money”. In addition, users will be able to add a photo, choose from one of the existing categories and write a few words about the purpose for which they are raising money. For example, Instagram users can raise money for medical emergencies (medical expenses), hobbies, business support, and more. Prerequisite is that users have turned 18. Also, each fundraiser will run for 30 days, while there will be the possibility of its extension, and the reasons for its conduct must be specific. Also, before a fundraiser is announced and money starts to be raised, Instagram will check and approve both the purpose and all the information available.

Instagram raising money

The Facebook, which owns Instagram, already allows its users to raise money. Non-profit organizations registered as businesses on Instagram can already raise money through stories and live video. The test means that raising money now comes in profiles that are not registered as businesses.

Instagram raising money

According to Facebook, donations have exceeded $ 100 million since January for pandemic-related cases COVID-19:, while donations to support the movement have also increased Black Lives Matter protesting for racial justice.

Other digital companies have come up with new ways to raise money. Indicatively, Yelp partnered with GoFundMe to Embed a Donation Button Directly at platform.
Having donation options directly in the Instagram app makes the fundraising process for different reasons that may interest each user, much more seamless, immediate and effective. However, this new addition to Instagram could be "bad news" for GoFundMe, which is considered the # 1 fundraising platform, as it can now cease to be in the first place of popularity.

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