HomesecurityVideo conferencing platforms: Review of privacy obligations

Video conferencing platforms: Review of privacy obligations


Privacy committees from around the world have signed one open letter asking them teleconferencing solution providers to reconsider their privacy obligations users. Platforms must comply with and operate the privacy policy information of people with responsibility.

The open letter is signed by six committees joined by him Global Privacy Assembly's International Enforcement Cooperation Working Group. The six committees that have signed up are: The Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC), the Office of the Personal Data Protection Officer of Canada, the Gibraltar Regulatory Authority, the Office of the Hong Kong Information Commissioner, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Switzerland, and the Office of the United Kingdom Information Commissioner.

With his pandemic COVID-19, there was one sharp increase in the use of video conferencing platforms not only for Communication with friends and relatives, but also for business purposes.

The increased use and the advent of new video conferencing tools raises some concerns about safety and protection of data of users.


There are concerns about whether the measures taken by VTC (video teleconferencing companies) companies are sufficient to address the growing risks.

The letter emphasizes that video conferencing companies must keep in mind safety and privacy already from the moment they plan a application. You should also to know well the audience to which they are addressed and report any of their actions (transparency).

"Your organization needs to be constantly informed of new risks and threats to the video conferencing platform and be flexible in dealing with them. We expect you to ask its users regularly platform upgrade the version of the application they have installed to ensure that they have the latest updates code and security upgrades ", the letter says.

"Special attention must also be paid when processing information from third parties, including companies in other countries ”.

The letter urges companies to ensure that they implement a privacy-by-design approach for video conferencing platforms, which includes application features that allow business users to comply with their own privacy obligations while at the same time minimizes personal information collected, used and disclosed by the product.

Ο COVID-19 has changed the uses of video conferencing platforms, which is why the letter urges companies to reconsider the new terms to enhance user security.

"It simply came to our notice then children, vulnerable groups and contexts where discussions are likely to be particularly sensitive (for example in education and health care) ", the letter continues.

In relation to transparency and justice, the letter reminds companies that not informing users about how their information is used can lead to infringement rules and undermine user confidence.

"You need to inform users about the information you collect, how you use it, the companies you share it with (including processors in other countries) and why - even if you do not think the "The collection, use and sharing of this information is particularly important," the authorities wrote.

The committees also ask VTC companies to give them users the ability to control the information shared with the platform.

The letter is addressed to all companies that provide video conferencing solutions, but it has also been sent separately on Microsoft, Cisco, Zoom, House Party and Google. Authorities are awaiting responses from all companies by September 30, 2020.

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