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Microsoft 365 adds protection against endpoint data leaks!

Η Microsoft products Announces Extension of Data Loss Prevention (DLP) to Microsoft 365 Customer Endpoints to Help Organizations Prevent Leaks data, improper or unintentional sharing, data transfer, and other potential risks. Microsoft 365 Endpoint Data Loss Prevention (DLP) extends possibilities DLP monitoring and protection of sensitive data and data Windows 10 devices.

Microsoft said that as soon as the Appliances In device management, information about what users do with sensitive data is made visible in activity exploration, so organizations can take protective action on that data through DLP policies.

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Microsoft 365 services such as Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, Exchange, applications As the Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Outlook, as well as third-party in cloud Microsoft Cloud App Security applications already have built-in data loss prevention capabilities provided through Microsoft Information Protection (MIP) information.

Microsoft DLP Public Preview extends MIP protection to devices, allowing customers to develop the same information protection strategy across environments. For example, organizations may use Endpoint DLP to prevent their employees from printing sensitive documents or copying sensitive and confidential data to drives. USB.

Endpoint DLP allows organizations to implement policies for a wide range of activities unique to each endpoint, such as:

  • Copy a sensitive file to USB.
  • Copy a sensitive file to a network share.
  • Upload a sensitive file to a service cloud
  • Print a sensitive file.
  • Copy sensitive content to the clipboard.
  • Access to a sensitive file from an unauthorized application.
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Data loss prevention policies can be managed by the compliance center across an entire Microsoft 365 environment, for software, services and Windows devices of an organization. According to Microsoft, Endpoint DLP is already available in Microsoft 365 E5 / A5 (EDU), Microsoft 365 E5 / A5 Compliance and Microsoft 365 E5 / A5 Information Protection and Governance.

Microsoft 365 customers can learn more about Endpoint DLP on the company's official website. They can also sign up for a Microsoft 365 E5 test to get a taste of Endpoint DLP or go to the Microsoft 365 Compliance Center to get started if they already have a Microsoft 365 subscription or add-on.

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To deploy Endpoint DLP on a Windows 10 device, endpoint must meet the following requirements:

  • Run Windows 10 build 1809 or later.
  • To be a member of Azure Active Directory (AAD).
  • Have Microsoft Chromium Edge installed browser to enforce cloud upload activity policy.

Microsoft is also releasing "Dual Key Encryption" in public preview, a feature of the Microsoft 365 E5 that allows customers to protect highly sensitive data while maintaining full control over their encryption keys. THE Encryption Dual Key for Microsoft 365 uses two keys to protect customer data, one key in their control and the other in the control of Microsoft. To view the data, they must have access to both keys. Because Microsoft can only access one key, their data and key are not available to Microsoft, thus helping to ensure the confidentiality and security of their data.


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