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IBM: New security features in the financial services cloud

IBM is launching a built-in security and compliance checklist for the financial services public cloud that it says allows companies to monitor security and enforce compliance across all their workloads.

The dashboard is part of IBM's effort to develop the cloud security capabilities of its financial services to help banks and ISVs meet regulatory requirements. settings, safety and durability, while taking into account various workloads, multiple architectures and preventive safety.

IBM Security

IBM announced last week that it was acquiring Spanugo, a maker of security software, as part of that effort. IBM plans to combine Spanugo technology with the public in cloud so that customers can monitor compliance in real time. The Spanugo platform is also used for hybrid cloud applications.

IBM also announced that several global banks, including the large European bank BNP Paribas, will join the IBM Financial Services Cloud as the main banking customer throughout Europe. Nearly 30 ISVs, including Adobe and VMware, will also be part of the provider ecosystem technology offered on the platform.

Meanwhile, as part of its partnership with Bank of America, IBM announced the availability of the IBM Cloud Policy Framework for Financial Services, which is intended to offer common business Criteria and an improved compliance control framework for the financial services industry.

"With large financial institutions and technology partners participating in the cloud of our financial services, IBM builds confidence in the industry and around the world that IBM Public Cloud is the right business cloud for all industries, including healthcare. , των telecommunications, airlines and others, ”said Howard Boville, IVM Cloud SVP. "IBM is creating a platform for financial services institutions to meet their regulatory requirements requirements, while creating a collaborative ecosystem that helps banks and their providers trade with self confidence. "


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