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Twitter: Ban 7.000 accounts of the far-right QAnon movement

Twitter has announced that it has banned 7.000 accounts linked to QAnon, a far-right movement that spreads conspiracy theories, and will take other steps to prevent it from spreading. propaganda of the movement.

In addition to banning content associated with the far-right QAnon movement, Twitter said it would also block the disclosure of QAnon-related links, while still not proposing accounts related to the movement. It will also no longer promote these accounts in search or chat, and will also stop pointing to them as popular topics.


Social media companies seem to be slowly realizing the dangers posed by QAnon, a movement that promotes conspiracy theories as wild - such as the existence of thousands of hidden pedophiles - as the 2020 elections approach. USA. More specifically, the Facebook monitors and controls QAnon activity on its platform, following an attempt to remove some teams in May. However, it seems that QAnon continues to grow in platform.

Twitter had banned a single account associated with QAnon in 2019. Even Roku removed a QAnon-related channel from its decoders and TV sticks earlier this month. In addition, the Reddit banned a prominent team from its platform about two years ago.

far-right QAnon movement

Why is Twitter now adopting this policy of repression against QAnon?

Twitter said that after close monitoring and discussions with experts, it found that QAnon supporters are growing and expanding their business, while in recent weeks there have been many reports that they have harassed users of Twitter. The company added that it has become clear that the content communicated by QAnon supporters causes real "harm" to those who use the service. Researchers have also recently discovered that conspiracy theories spread by QAnon-linked accounts were reinforced by the US President. Donald Trump and by key supporters. The first 7.000 accounts were banned as they violated existing ones policies of Twitter.

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